I get about 20-30 mail a week regarding the game & watch central, mostly boring 'doyouknowwhereIcanfindgameandwatches' mail (noIdontknowwhereyoucangetany), but every once a while I get pictures, reviews, information and useful ideas that makes me keeping on with this site. I want to thank the following people for their help.
Special thanks to: Clint Dyer, Jan, Kyle, Andy Cole, Johan Wistrand and Henrik Liljekvist that helped me out with the redesign and update of this site.
Andreas Hård, Robert Börjesson, Victor Chang, Malin Ek, Jessica Gedin, Karl Grandin, Magnus Lindblom, Alex Picha, Susan Martin, Arent Grape, Frederic Sebton, Tony Steeper, Oskar Stål, Steven Ottomanyi, Jonas Bengtsson, Martin Nielsen, Kathleen McAuley