[ BF-107 1988 ]

This unit was released around the same time as Super Mario Bros. and Climber and shares a lot of the characteristics of those games, including a single game mode (with a "Alarm" button replacing the "Game B" button), a 4 - 1 control button configuration, and a simple background screen. The game is probably one of if not the best translations of a NES game ever achieved by a G&W. The game stars a character named Balloon Man who hovers using balloons and propels himself about the screen using a jet pack. He can move in four directions and you keep him aloft by repeatedly pressing the "Eject" button. Your goal is to collect balloons that hold bits of a map that will lead you to the hideout of the game's reptillian villain, Oiram Repus. At first you must simply try to snag the balloons without falling into the ocean below, but soon you also have to dodge lethal "sparks" that can kill you instantly. There are bonus stages, an ability to skip to level 17 on startup, and several other neat little features that make this game a joy to own. [Steve Averett]

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