[ JB-63 1988 ]

One of my favorite Game&Watches, this game involved a guard protecting a bank safe from 3 columns of bombs dropped by "Wily Bomber". The catch of course was that the guard could only hold 3 bombs at a time; the bombs had to be dumped to 1 side. If the bombs were dumped to the left it caused torches to rise from a pipe on the left, and if enough bombs were dumped in there quickly enough, the torch would set off the bomber's box-o-bombs and send him flying, giving you 20 points. VERY addictive and surprisingly hard on Game B. [vc]

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Game story
Risking life and limb, the diligent bank guard is trying to protect the safe from the attacks of Wily Bomber.

Control buttons
Button 1 moves the bank guard to the left.
Button 2 moves the bank guard to the right.

The beginning of the game
Press the GAME A or B key. The high score will be displayed while the key is pressed. When the key is released, the game starts.
Pressing the ACL switch or removing the batteries deletes the high score from memory You can play the game with the sound off if you press the GAME key while holding Button 1 down.

Game A
The bomber is dropping bombs from the upper screen . Use the Control Button 1 and 2 to move the guard left and right so he can catch the bombs as they fall. Since the guard can only hold three bombs at a time, though, he has to get rid of them in the left or right corner as the pile up. Throwing them in the left corner sets flaming torches flying from the blast. These will eventually stop by them self. If you can get enough bombs into the left corner, the flaming torches will finally touch of the bomber's arsenal, blowing it up and finishing off the bomber. Do this and you'll get a bonus of 20 points.

Game B
In this game, the bomb disposal corner on the left has a cover which stays open for five seconds and closes again for one second repeatedly. You cannot get rid of any bombs while the cover is closed. Even if you go to the left corner and wait, the cover will not open for you. You have to time the opening and closing of the cover exactly so you can get rid of the bombs. The rest of the game is the same as for Game A.

In both Games A and B, you score a point every time you catch a bomb. The highest score that can be displayed is 999 points.

You score a penalty if you try to catch a fourth bomb when you already holding three. Three penalties ands the game. the display automatically resumes time indication about four minutes after the game has ended.

Bonus points
When your score reaches 200 point, a fanfare sounds and any penalties displayed are canceled.