[ PB-59 1983 ]

Like any pinball game, this one involves racking up as many points as possible while keeping the ball from escaping. In Game A you have three balls to work with, but deceptively it is Game B that is easier and more involving. In B you start out with only one ball -- a do-or-die situation. But at about every 30,000 points a new ball appears on the board (accompanied by sparkling music!). You're limited to three balls on the screen at one time, but as long as you have one going, the opportunity for a new ball is just 30,000 points away. A trap door on the bottom screen creates some danger but all it really takes is stamina and quick thumbs to keep the ball alive. Flashing bumpers, four pedals, a side pocket, and a charmingly colorful display add a lively and pleasant atmosphere to this quaint little game. [sm]

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