[ OP-51 1982 ]

The station helper on the upper screen catches drops of oil from a leaking pipe. Once caught, he needs to go out onto the verander [on lower screen] and empty the bucket into his bosses oil drum. Missing a drop from the pipe or missing the bosses oil drum loses a life. Game is unique in having 4 lives [2 misses on top and 2 misses on bottom screen] and has good playability, quite a classic.

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How to play
Two customers are waiting at a gas station to fuel up. Meanwhile, an oil leak from a pipe on the third floor is causing confusion. Move Station Helper left and right by pressing the control buttons to catch the leaks in his bucket. Oil falls in drops. Helper's bucket holds three drops. Move Helper out to veranda to pour the oil in his bucket into the Boss's oil drum on the second floor. Be Careful not to drop oil on the waiting customers.

Upper screen is a zoom-up of the third floor of the gas station where Helper is. All three floors of the gas station appear on lower screen.

Control Buttons
Press the Button 1, and helper goes out onto the veranda on the left side on top screen, carrying bucket of oil. Press again on the veranda, and he pours oil into oil drum on second floor. Press the Button 2, and helper goes out onto the veranda on the right side on top screen, carrying bucket of oil. Press again on the veranda, and he pours oil into oil drum on second floor

The beginning of the game
Press the GAME A or B key. The high score will be displayed while the key is pressed. When the key is released, the game starts.
* Pressing the ACL switch or removing the batteries deletes the high score from memory
* A game is not interrupted even if TIME key or other GAME key is pressed during game play.
* Game A is for beginners and average players. Game B is for the pros.
In Game B, it requires more coordination, technique and timing.

One point is scored for every drop caught. And one point is scored for the first drop poured from bucket to drum. The second drop earns 2 points. The third drop, 5 points.
* Highest possible score is 999 points. (Any score over 999 points is reset to 0, and game starts again.

Upper Screen
* When Helper fails to catch oil drops.
* When Helper's bucket is full (3 drops) and he catches another drop.
Lower Screen
* When oils spills on customers.
When either upper or lower screen misses total 3, game ends. (When game is left for about 5 minutes after game ends, time display returns automatically.)

Bonus score
When score reaches 300, fanfare sounds and any miss marks indicated at that time are removed. If there are no miss marks on both screen, game goes into CHANCE TIME. Score flashes on-and-off for 20 to 30 seconds during which time another Boss with an oil drum assists in catching oil from Helper. During CHANCE TIME, oil caught in the oil drum of either Boss earns double score.