[ DM-53 1982 ]

Mickey & Donald fights a fire. Mickeys duty is to keep the water running, Donalds is to put out the fire and Goofy dont do anything at all.Its fun and a bit hard. [jj]
[donated by Jessika Gedin]

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How to play
A building is on fire. Donald Duck is on the top of the building. He is trying to put out the fire as it climbs up the building. Goofy is pumping water,  Mickey Mouse must keep him busy pumping or he will be lazy and only pump on half speed. The hose that they are using is badly fixed on two places. Occasionally too much water flows in the hose and it breaks. Mickey  must then climb up the ladder and fix the hose. But if Mickey sees the big waterbubble he can quickly climb up the ladder and hold his hand on the bad spot to allow the water to pass through. Donald Duck must keep an eye on the fire and be sure to drop water on the right places.

Mickey and Goofy is on the lower screen. Donald is on the upper screen.

Control Buttons
Button 1 controls Mickey Mouse on the ladder. Button 2 controls Donald Duck on the roof. The beginning of the game
Press the GAME A or B key. The high score will be displayed while the key is pressed. When the key is released, the game starts.
- Pressing the ACL switch or removing the batteries deletes the high score from memory
- A game is not interrupted even if TIME key or other GAME key is pressed during game play.
- Game A is for beginners and average players. Game B is for the pros. In Game B, it requires more coordination, technique and timing.

One point is scored for each water drop that puts out a flame. When all flames are out you score an additional 10 points.

- When fire reaches roof and Donald is burned on his tail, one miss is recorder When misses totals 3, game ends. (When game is left for about 5 minutes after game ends, time display returns automatically.)

Bonus score
When score reaches 300, fanfare sounds and any miss marks indicated at that time are removed. If there are no miss marks game goes into CHANCE TIME. Score flashes on-and-off during which you score 2 point for every flame turned out until you make a miss or the hose breaks