[ DR-802 1986 ]

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CLIMBER, a boy with wisdom and courage, one day, sets out on a training trip to the Block Mountain where the Blockman live to become warrior. On the way, he meets Lord Meiji who grants him boots which will enable him to jump very high, an armor to break the ceiling and a head band which will help him find a sword that can slash a dragon with one stroke. how many of the obstacles is the climber going to be able yo overcome with the help of the mysterious bird, Hentori and continue his quest?

CLIMBER - A boy with wisdom and courage sets out to the mysterious Block Mountain to become a warrior.
BLOCKMAN - Native of the Block Mountain.
EYEROM - BLOCKMAN's brutal pet bird.
HENTORI - Follower of the Lord Meiji.
DRAGALO - The big boss of the Block Mountain.

HOW TO PLAY - Control Buttons
Jump Button: Pressed when jumping onto upper level floors or when jumping over enemies, etc.
Direction Buttons: LEFT & RIGHT button move Climber to the left, and right. UP & DOWN button are only used to draw sword from the top or bottom to stab the monster. Press RIGHT button when Climber is on the right side edge of the screen and Climber will appear on the left edge of the screen. Press JUMP button and Climber punches through upper floor.

* Press the Game key. While the key is depressed, the Top score is displayed. When the key is released the game starts. (Top score is erased when ACL switch is pressed or the battery is removed)
* After P-1 (Phase 1) is displayed "25" will appear. this number represent the number of steps to the top of the Fortress. During the game, this number will always be on display and each time a step is climbed, the number reduces.
* A blinking Climber will appear. In this condition, it is still in the waiting stage and until the LEFT or RIGHT button is pressed, even if the Climber runs into an enemy, it will not become a miss. Let's make the Climber go to the top of the fortress with the Direction button and the Jump button.
* For those who are confident of their skill, while pressing down on the Game key, press the Jump button and the releasing the Game key, try playing the game. It will start from phase 6.
* If you wish to play the game without any sound, press the LEFT & DOWN button simultaneously and keeping it depressed, push the Game key. This will enable you to enjoy playing the game quietly.

When Climber goes up a step, 1 point is added. When he jumps and is caught by the Bonus bird, 20 points and when a monster is defeated, 30 points are added. Maximum score displayed is 999 and maximum number of phase is 99.
Note: While in play mode, the number of remaining steps up to the top are displayed. When any misses or when the top is reached, in place of the remaining step numbers, it will change to number of points earned. Before game starts again, phase number (i.e. P1) will be displayed.


When the Climber:
 - bumps into Blockman,
 - hits Eyerom during jump,
 - falls of the floor,
it becomes a miss and a miss is added, then the Climber is dropped 7 steps from where the miss was made. (it will not drop below the lowest floor). When 3 misses are made, the game ends. if after the game is finished and none of the button is pressed, approximately 5 minutes later, the display will automatically go into Time mode.

When the top is reached, Bonus bird appears. If you can grab the bird, 20 points are added. Even if you are unable to grab the bird after the 2 attempts, it will not become a miss and you will be able to go to the next phase. Also, at every 5 phases, a monster will appear at the top of the fortress. The monster will be moving up and down at random. When the top or bottom of Direction button is pressed while the Climber is in the middle of the jump, it will draw a sword from the top or bottom to stab the monster. (even if selection is not made, the sword will appear on either the top or bottom). If the monster is successfully stabbed, 30 points are added. When 300 points are earned, fanfare sounds and the misses are erased.

As you continue to punch the floor, sometimes a glittering floor will appear. This is a magic floor. If you can hop onto this glittering floor, you will be able to climb 7 steps automatically.

Jumping over Blockman. Can jump over Blockman without touching the upper floor by jumping and immediately pressing the Left or Right Directions Button.

By jumping up to the same level of the upper floor and pressing the Left or Right Direction button, you will be able to make Climber go up one step without hitting against the Eyerom in the upper level.

When you are on the moving floor, jump  to the highest level and by pressing the Left or Right Direction button you will be able to land on the same floor you were on before the jump.

When another layer of floor is formed on the surface of the upper floor, bu breaking the floor from the bottom little be little, you will be able to go up safely.

If you should approach a thorny plant when you are on a moving floor, you must work fast by punching out the floor quickly twice and then jump onto the upper level.

WHen you jump onto a floor on the left or right side ends of the display, sometimes an enemy might appear all of a sudden, so be vary careful. If you should run into such a situation, try to avoid running into the enemy with the Jump button.

In a situation shown in the left diagram, normally, you would have to wait until another floor comes by which to jump on. However, instead of waiting, you will be able to jump from the right end to the left end upper level of the screen.